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What's an Attercap?

I'm Erich Arendall. I've been using the name Attercap as my Internet moniker since 2002. Attercap is an alternative spelling of "attercop," the Anglo-Saxon word for spider. It's was also slang for an ill-tempered or irascible person. When I adopted the pseudonym I was a much more irritable web developer and I liked the multiple play on words the nickname offered. I've mellowed in my age, but I have friends online and in real life who refer to me as Attercap and the spelling is obscure enough that it's rarely seen elsewhere, allowing me to be one of the few, if not the only, Attercap on the web.

What were you before you were Attercap?

I've been on the Internet for a long time. In my usenet days I originally posted as "Evil Incarnate." (We were all young once!) From 1997 until sometime in 1999 I often used the pseudonym of "Shadow Sprite." I originally launched my RPG.net column Foaming at the Mouth with that as my pen name. In 2000, I launched Impudite.com, as an unofficial In Nomine site (most of the contents are still available on this site) which then grew into a personal blog. As the site moved away from its In Nomine focus and given that Impudite was trademarked by Steve Jackson Games, I shed that moniker for Attercap. This coincided with me changing my DJ name from Captain Phantasmic to also use Attercap.

Your "DJ name?"

I have been a DJ for the Internet radio station The Cape Radio since 2001. Originally it was a station devoted to building the community for the Virtue server of the MMO City of Heroes. When the game was shuttered the station shifted focus to enforcing the community of listeners who followed us and took a more "game-agnostic" approach. While I don't DJ on a scheduled basis, I continue to support the station, its staff, and listeners as webmaster and assistant manager.

What about the gaming?

What about the gaming, indeed! I began playing pencil and paper RPGs using the original AD&D rules in the mid 80's. In junior high I explored many Palladium games (TMNT and Robotech being my introductions into non-fantasy RPGs). In high school my gaming system usage expanded into numerous systems, but I distinctly remember Traveler, Marvel (using the old FASERIP system), Villains & Vigilantes, AD&D 2nd Ed, as well as some homebrewed systems being in heavy rotation. My gaming experience only increased from there. I was a member of multiple gaming groups, exposing myself to many systems and games. The RPG convention scene in Houston in the late 90's was also very strong. There were typically 2 to 3 conventions a year, allowing for continued exploration into previously uncharted waters. While, in my later years, I don't play as many games as I was able to in the heyday of my retail-working early 20's, I continue to immerse myself in the culture. When Evil Hat Productions launched The Dresden Files RPG in 2010, I fell in love with the FATE system. I had played FUDGE prior, but the additional role-playing aspects used in FATE really hit me the right way. I typically run FATE games these days (but continue to play in other systems), sometimes using established published variations on the system (such as Bulldogs! or Atomic Robo) and sometimes using FATE Core with home-brewed rules and worlds.

What RPGs will you write about?

While many of my articles will be game agnostic, the games I write about/for will be the games I play. This primarily includes Fate Core and Fate v3 games (like Dresden Files and Bulldogs!), Shadowrun, Pathfinder, and Starfinder. I will also occasionally write posts for old gems and gaming loves like In Nomine and some of the R. Talsorian games.

Social Media

Looking to follow me on social media? Here's where you can find me:

Facebook: facebook.com/attercap.net is the official page for my weblog. Any new posts will be announced on this page. While I plan on posting every Monday, that's not the only day of the week I may post.

Twitter: twitter.com/attercap is my personal Twitter account. Politics, comics, observations, and post notifications are all here.

Instagram: instagram.com/attercap is what you can follow if you want pictures of the concerts I attend, the food I've cooked, or the drinks I'm imbibing.

DeviantArt: attercap.deviantart.com is where you can find some of my digital manipulations. I also have some of my comics posted, but found the multiple upload process too time-consuming, so I suggest just reading my comics on the site.

Tumblr: attercap.tumblr.com... I lurk and follow others more than I post. My posts are typically CRPG, comic, or animal (especially otter) based re-posts.


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