Ambient Playlists

When I game I like to have music playing in the background that gives a certain mood. To help keep the mood focused on gaming, I try to ensure the music is not immediately recognizable or lyrical. My groups tend to be fairly musical and easily distracted by tunes they explicity know.

Once a playlist reaches a point where I initially feel good about it (though no list is complete as I will add as more music is found), I will first post about it on my blog under the #music category. As that category will contain non-playlist posts, I created this page to include all ambient playlists and only those playlists. Playlists are best played on "shuffle."

Cyberpunk Ambience

Electronica and electropop for either a cyber-dystopia or near-future game. Also suitable as "club" music.

Sci-Fi / Space Ambience

Rounder, wider music than used in Cyberpunk. Still some electronic music, but more suitable for a far-flung future or space game.

Haunted Carnival Ambience

The circus is in town... and it's undead! Music for your ghostly amusement parks and carnivals.

Noir / Mystery Ambience

This is the playlist I use when running (or writing) a noir or detective game. Also a good playlist for sipping whisky on a rainy night.

Steampunk Ambience

Steampunk, [twisted] Victorian, or Fairypunk; this is the track list that should work for those genres. (This playlist was more difficult than I thought it would be to put together, given the amount of vocals in most proclaimed steampunk music.)

Horror Ambience

The creepy and arcane, with some jump-scares and action beats thrown in, "released" just in time for you Halloween horror gaming.

Heist and Spy Ambience

Planning, the job, the score, chases, and more... Heist and spy ambient music with minimal or no vocals (and no major recognizable themes) from the 60's through today. Best played shaken or stirred, but not straight up; in other words, shuffle that deck before dealing.