Pancake Breakfast

(Intended to take place in Bloomfield, Michigan the adventure could be moved to any location with some sort of syrup processing plant.)

It starts out simple enough, a string of crimes and/or Disturbances throughout the city of all different types. The common denominator of these crimes? Maple syrup. Whether it's maple syrup found in the car of a district police chief, a school closed due to tainted pancake syrup or kids in the neighborhood throwing water balloons filled with syrup at passersby, syrup is making headlines and on everyone's mind. And parties in the Host and the Horde alike are starting to take notice. After all, Morrthis, Demon of Syrup is in town for the annual Cranbrook Institute of Science's Maple Syrup Festival; and he's never been known for his subtlety.

The city's about to have a few new celestial visitors. Asmodeus has dispatched some of his agents to discover just what Morrthis is up to. Ugner, Balseraph Demon of High-Fructose Corn Syrup has also recently arrived on the scene. He's not there because of the recent incidents; he's simply tired of his fellow Glutton constantly Word-stepping him.

Meanwhile, any angels in the city will already be tracking down the source of the syrup-related Disturbances. And the constant stream of syrup-related talk has led Pyriel, Seraph Angel of Dentistry to investigate.

Morrthis himself is innocent, but pleasantly surprised at all the syrup-related events. And it's not seemed to stop anyone from visiting their local pancake house and topping their breakfast with his favorite substance. The Taker simply resumes his normal course of eating at various diners and wandering around the street, discussing syrup.

Behind the actual infractions are two demons of Dark Humor, named Kackal and Gyggel, deliberately attempting to cause strife for the Demon of Syrup. Their trouble-making has started off small, but they're planning to have it culminate once enough potential enemies of Morrthis are around. Taking notes from the Boston Molasses Disaster of 1919 (which was caused solely by human error), they want to flood the town from the tanks of the local maple syrup processing and purifying plant. So long as they're not discovered, it'll turn out well for them. It'll be the source of plenty of jokes at the expense of human life and it may get Morrthis in serious trouble. The trick, for them, will be keeping hidden while still perpetrating all their syrup-related crimes.

Needless to say, if any angels discover the two Jokers, their lives are at stake. The reactions of demons may vary. Some demons may aid them in their plans,, while others will stop them. If Morrthis is informed of the two Kobalites' actions, he'll laugh at his friends' attempts to further his Word. After all, without them, he'd never have gotten it in the first place. It will take some convincing to make Morrthis believe that the two are plotting against him.

If Kackal and Gyggel are successful, the town will be flooded with syrup at the same time the massive pancake breakfast of the Maple Syrup Festival is in full swing, potentially killing hundreds of humans, plants and animals and causing a massive Disturbance.

Credits: Erich Arendall