The Curses

"Dammit!" yelled the young man, drawing stares from his co-workers.
"Rough day?" Asked one of the newest employees from the next cubicle, smiling broadly.
"You said it. Nothing is going right. I'm thinking about just calling it a loss and going home."
"You might as well, if your day is this rotten and it's not even 10:00 yet."

Sometimes an unlucky day alone can send a human over the edge, falling into misery, violence, or worse. The Ifrit encourage that, all with a smile only the lucky could have.


Like Impudites, the Ifrit dwell in the throng of humanity, charming their way into peoples hearts. However, where an Impudite steals Essence, an Ifrit steals luck itself.
The Ifrit are some of the luckiest demons you'll meet, but every one around them pays the price. Ifrit quite literally steal the luck from people and use it themselves. And everyone but them pays the price.


Ifrit love watching humans constantly fail, and love reaping the benefits when invoking their resonance, however if their resonance fails they end up giving their luck to their target and gaining a note of dissonance.


Ifrit seem to be some of the happiest people you'll ever meet, constantly offing encouragement to try again, grinning wider all the time. Other demons loathe them for Ifrit don't care who's luck they steal. Ifrit just know they like to succeed, others failures don't matter much to them, and don't care much about the big picture.
Ifrit tend to dress in bright colors, they are often called cheap imitations of Impudites, their clothing almost seeming pleasant, but a bit too much on the garish side. Ifrit cannot hide their smiles after invoking their resonance and if they can resist the urge to snicker will often try to make the smile look encouraging.
In their celestial forms, Ifrit look like red, legless humans, a trail of vermilion vapor extending from their waist down.


To steal luck, an Ifrit must be in eyesight of their target. Then the Ifrit makes a simple d666 Will roll. The victim's next action will increase with the difficulty of the check digit (essentially giving a -CD to the victim's skill). The Ifrit's next action will then decrease in difficulty of half the check digit (rounded up). When the attempt is made the victim may resist with a Will roll.
If an Ifrit fails his resonance roll or is resisted the Ifrit not only gains a note of dissonance, but the victim is the receiver of half the resonance roll's check digit (rounded up) and the Ifrit will be at a penalty of the check digit on his next action.


Very few Princes will have these jinxes as servants, they can cause far too much trouble in the ranks, but those that do use them find them extremely useful indeed. Vapula refuses to let them near his ranks, viewing them almost as annoying as the Calabim!
Often sent to steal the enemy's luck in battle, Baal's Ifrit will not receive dissonance when failing their resonance roll in a fight - but they will still receive the ill effects of a botch.

These demons regain Essence by watching people fail at skills they should be quite good at - making Olympic divers belly-flop is always a favorite past time of Kobal's Ifrit!

Ifrit of Fate add their Ethereal Forces to the check digit of their rolls, often sending people spiraling away from destiny in a single stroke!

Credits: Erich S. Arendall