The Tormentors

Marsiths are not a band of demons. Like Imps and Gremlins, the Marsiths are celestial spirits, ranging from 2 - 6 Forces and fledging to a demon (usually Shedite or Habbalah) on the gain of the 7th.

Often called the Little Shedim, or Tiny Demons, the Marsiths resonance is that of possession. However, unlike the Corruptors, the Tormenters do not take over the host. Rather, they block the senses and whisper into the mental ears of those unfortunate enough to be inhabited by them. Also, the Marsiths work on the corporeal realm in packs, with multiple Marsiths inhabiting a single individual making his muscles spasm, spots appear in his eyes, or simply creating an annoying hum in his ear. It's rare to find a single Marsith. A Marsith has no Corporeal Forces, their first Corporeal Force is their 7th, fledging them into a demon.

These spirits rarely serve anyone lower than a Captain in Hell's legions, as they work in packs and can be a challenge to direct. The Tormenters are usually brought into play to distract or annoy the enemy, however they are just as likely to inhabit a Hellsworn or Sorcerer if nothing else is available or seems fun to them.

If seen in their celestial form they appear as small man-bats, with mottled black and grey skin and yellow eyes.


Marsiths can have up to 6 Forces with at least 1 Ethereal and 1 Celestial Force, and no Corporeal Forces. To inhabit a human or animal (they may not possess vessels) a Marsith must make a successful Will roll to enter the victim's body. The host may make a Will roll to resist. Up to 18 total Forces of Marsiths may inhabit the mortal, and each Marsith already in the mortal subtracts 1 from the Will roll to resist. Marsiths may then simply "ride" in their host. To cause an itch, make the mortal see spots, or anything else of that nature the Tormenter must make another Will roll, the CD of the roll determining how many minutes the spirit may retain that effect. If the victim resists (with a Will roll, minus the total number of Tormenters in him) the Tiny is expelled permenantly from that host. There is no limit to how long a Marsith may stay in a mortal, however no Tormenter may ever enter the same host twice - once they leave (or are expelled) they may never inhabit that host again.

Marsiths may also talk to their host, though they can not compel him to do anything the host does not want to do, although they can cajole and wheedle all they want. To communicate there is still a contest of Wills between the spirit and the mortal, the CD of the Marsith determines how many minutes the Marsith can communicate.

On the chance that two Marsiths want to do the same thing or oppose eachother in a host, the two must both make Will rolls. The Little Shedite with highest successful Check Digit wins. The loser may not oppose the other in that particular action again. If more than one Marsith is in opposition all parties must make Will rolls. A group of Marsiths' Check Digits are cumulative; successful CDs are added together, subtracting failed rolls away from the group's total.

Credits: Erich S. Arendall