Demon of Wrath

Djinn Baron of Factions

Corporeal Forces - 4    Strength 10    Agility 6   
Ethereal Forces - 4    Intelligence 8    Precision 8   
Celestial Forces - 4    Will 10    Perception 6   
Word Forces - 23   

    Vessel: Human/4 (Female, attractive blonde, Inge Woede) (Charisma +2)     Body: 80
    Role(s): Anger Management Therapist/5
    Skill(s): Computer Operation/3, Detect Lies/5, Dodge/3, Driving/2, Emote/4, Fast-Talk/5, Fighting/4, Knowledge: Counseling/5, Language: English/3, Language: Aramaic/5, Lanugage: Greek/5, Language: Spanish/3, Language: Dutch/4, Large Weapon/4, Lying/4, Ranged Weapon/3, Savoir-Faire/4, Singing/2, Tracking/4

    Corporeal Song(s): Charm/2, Form/3, Numinous Corpus: Feet/4, Numinous Corpus: Horns/4

    Ethereal Song(s): Charm/1

    Celestial Song(s): Charm/2

    Attunement(s): Djinn of Factions, Imbroglio, Polarize, Knight of Deception, Captain of the Broken Promise, Baron of Inner Torment

    Special Rite(s): When conflict initiated by Af results in anger and physical damage, she gets 2 Essence.

The Hellborn Af was on a meteoric rise in Hell's early ranks, following the Rebellion. She began working her way upward through more powerful Words until becoming the embodiment of one of the Seven Deadly Sins around the time of Moses. Big things were expected of this demon and Malphas enjoyed the strife the demon created in its wake. Rumor has it that the Prince of Factions was actually grooming the Stalker to eventual Princedom.

This was all until the demon was defeated by the Soldier of God, Aaron and a cadre of Malakim. Suffering the loss of multiple Forces, the Djinn remained in trauma for centuries. Though her heart was well-hidden, Af was essentially gone and her rise of power ended.

It wasn't until the mid 1940's that Af resurfaced (though many suspect that the demon had been out of trauma long before then). With the political landscape changed, however, and many of her former allies gone or in hiding, she began the upward climb again--more slowly this time.

Currently, she works on earth as Inge Woede, anger management therapist. As a public counselor she can isolate individuals who are particularly angry with another and, using her inborn talents, help push the individual towards the greatest extension of their wrath: murder. It's an easy way for the demon to find and sew dissent amongst humanity while she licks her own wounds and plots how to climb to the next rung of power. Saminga, noting that the factions she causes often end in death rather than the living squabbling, has a softer spot for her than for other Factioners.

Credits: Erich Arendall