Angel of Silence (Seraph of War)

"Silence," softly intoned the Seraph as she stood over the corpse of a demon, "is golden."

Corporeal Forces - 6    Strength 12    Agility 12   
Ethereal Forces - 6    Intelligence 12    Precision 12   
Celestial Forces - 6    Will 12    Perception 12   
Word Forces - 22   

    Vessel: Human (female, brunette, looks mid 30's)/6 (+3 Charisma)     Body: 144
    Skill(s): Artistry/5, Chemistry/3, Computer Operation/4, Detect Lies/6, Dodge/3, Driving/3, Emote/6, Fighting/6, Language (English)/3, Language (French)/3, Language (German)/3, Language (Italian)/3, Language (Spanish)/3, Large Weapon (Sword)/6, Medicine/2, Meditation/5, Move Silently/6, Savoir-Faire/4, Tactics/5

    Corporeal Song(s): Affinity/2, Direction/3, Essence/3, Numinous Corpus: Arms/4, Shields/6, Silence/6, Solace/4, Tongues/6, Truth/5

    Ethereal Song(s): Affinity/3, Direction/3, Essence/3, Shileds/2, Silence/6, Solace/3, Tongues/6, Truth/5

    Celestial Song(s): Affinity/1, Direction/3, Essence/3, Shields/4, Silence/6, Solace/4, Tongues/6, Truth/5, Truthswearing/4

    Artifact(s): Fiery Sword/6

    Attunement(s): Seraph of War, Malakite of War, Proficiency (Sword), Vassal of War, Vassal of the Sword, Friend of Fighters, Master of Valor

    Special Attunement(s): All angels who serve the Angel of Silence receive a bonus on the Songs of Silence.
Hush: Servitors of Dumah can purchase the ability to render an area completely silent, both corporeally and celestially. The effect has a range equal to the angel's Corporeal Forces, and lasts for 1 hour for every 1 point of Essence spent. Dumah may grant this attunement to her followers.
Seraph of Silence: Everyone finds it difficult to lie in the presence of Dumah and her Seraphs, they move their mouth but no sound comes out. To blatantly lie in the vicinity of such a Seraph, anyone must make a Will roll minus the Angel's total Forces, +1 for every yard apart they are. The Balseraph resonance is immune to the effects of this attunement.

    Special Rite(s): Do not speak for 24 hours; convey the importance of silence with a gesture or expression

Dumah is one of Michael's oldest servitors, even from the beginning she said little, and when she did speak it was in a hushed voice. Her voice was not a whisper of weakness, however, it was like listening to the calm before a raging storm. It was a whisper that shouted. The Fall transformed the quiet angel who once kept to herself into a quiet angel with a savage ferocity against the Horde and all that was not the Truth.

Shortly after Michael was named Archangel of War, Dumah was awarded the word of Silence; partially for her valor during the Rebellion but also because it was a word that she already encompassed. Dumah had seen the still quiet of space, the muted sounds of war, and the hush of a battlefield after a war. Though the Angel of Silence desires the lull of peace, she believes that the best way to gain this is by silencing the enemy. Permanently.

Dumah, though she vocalizes rarely, speaks volumes through her expressions. She lets herself be read like a book. Hiding that would be a lie, and the Angel of Silence does not condone lies. And while she is vehement in her pursuit against the Horde, she will take time to nurture humanity, seeing the spark of grace in them. She shakes her head sadly when they lie or fall prey to temptation, but focuses her energies on what she sees as the true threat.

Credits: Erich Arendall