Gyggel & Kackal

Gyggel and Kackal were amongst Kobal's first Hellborn. Intelligent and fierce, they mercilessly mocked humanity, making them laugh with scorn and scorn laughter. The two were once favored Jokers, only a few big scores away from really getting some real power. Then, as The War went on, their luck started to change and everything seemed to backfire on them. It started with an Impudite of Gluttony, who they convinced should take the Word of Syrup, mocking him with phrases like "if you love syrup so much, why don't you petition for it?" To Kobalites' surprise, not only did the stupid Glutton gain the Word, but he made something of it.

Everything just snowballed from there; jokes backfired or were halted. In one instance, a cadre of Malakim sent them back to their hearts, costing the demons some of their forces. Worse yet, the angels were successful in stopping the Jokers before they were able to complete what would have been "The Great Clown Massacre of 1817." And it all recently culminated in their loss of a possible tether to Dark Humor; instead of Kobal receiving an additional supply of Essence, Christopher gained one more outpost on the corporeal realm. The two demons were stripped of their distinctions and punished severely.

Now, the two are finally back on the corporeal realm again and they figure the only way to reverse their string of bad luck is to start from where it began and correct their mistakes. All of them. That means that first they discredit or destroy Morrthis, the Demon of Syrup. After that, they begin plans on a new clown massacre and, if all goes well, establish a new tether to Dark Humor. They're not sure yet about the latter two mistakes, but they've formulated a plan which will put a lot of angels in the path of the Impudite.

Gyggel and Kackal aren't exactly Renegade, but they're far from favored and their past actions have definitely gotten them on Asmodeus's watch list. While they're not on Heaven's radar at the moment, they know they have to be careful to not raise any more ire on Hell's side. Unless this is the turning point in their luck, it might mark the end of their lives.

Just what are they up to now? See the Pancake Breakfast adventure seed.)


Calabite serving Dark Humor

Corporeal Forces - 2    Strength 4    Agility 4   
Ethereal Forces - 4    Intelligence 8    Precision 8   
Celestial Forces - 3    Will 6    Perception 6   

    Vessel: Human/3 (Male)     Body: 20
    Skill(s): Chemistry/3, Computer Operation/3, Detect Lies/2, Emote/2, Fast-Talk/3, Fighting/2, Language (English)/3, Savoire-Faire/1, Tactics/2, Tracking/1

    Discord(s): Addiction (Tobacco)/4

    Attunement(s): Calabite of Dark Humor, Rant of Scorn

Typically, Kackal is seen as the defacto leader of the two. He's been around a touch longer than Gyggel (days, really) and has a few more ideas than his Habbalite "sister." Often angry, he favors rants, wrapped in the cloak of humor--which fuel more hatred than they do humor. Kackal's appearance is that of an average-sized man in his mid-30's, with dark red hair. He tends to wear a t-shirt with offensive logos and faded jeans. Because of his Discord, it's rare that he's not without a cigarette. His smoking habit and the new laws across the US discouraging smoking on provide him at least one constant topic to rail against, humoring fellow smokers and, at the same time, raising their hatred of "big government," businesses and fellow humans. If physically cornered, Kackal will incorporate one of his many lighters and a bottle of hairspray.


Habbalite serving Dark Humor

Corporeal Forces - 3    Strength 5    Agility 7   
Ethereal Forces - 3    Intelligence 6    Precision 6   
Celestial Forces - 3    Will 7    Perception 5   

    Vessel: Human/2 (Female)     Body: 25
    Skill(s): Acrobatics/2, Chemistry/2, Dodge/2, Driving/2, Electronics/2, Fighting/1, Language (English)/3, Lockpicking/3, Move Silently/2, Ranged Weapon/3, Running/2, Small Weapon/3

    Corporeal Song(s): Motion/2

    Ethereal Song(s): Motion/2

    Celestial Song(s): Motion/2

    Attunement(s): Habbalite of Dark Humor

Gyggel is Kackal's co-conspirator. While Kackal often has the initial ideas, she's the one who fleshes them out and make them work--when they don't backfire. Even at the worst of times, her manner is one of dark amusement. When their own plans are turning against them, she laughs at her own fate. When the joke is on someone else, she laughs even harder. Either way, it's rare that she's not smirking or smiling at something. Corporeally, the Punisher prefers a vessel of a raven-tressed female, with close-cropped hair, adorned with piercings and wearing lots of leather. She carries a butterfly knife and Beretta 9mm pistol.

(Gyggel & Kackal, despite their history, are statted as starting characters and could be played in a [darkly] comedic game.)

Credits: Erich Arendall