Angel of Storms

Malakite of the Wind, Master of Motion

Corporeal Forces - 6    Strength 12    Agility 12   
Ethereal Forces - 6    Intelligence 12    Precision 12   
Celestial Forces - 6    Will 12    Perception 12   
Word Forces - 20   

Vessel(s): Human Male/6 (+3 Charisma)     Body: 144
Human Female/6 (+3 Charisma)     Body: 144
Dolphin/6     Body: 144
Skill(s): Acrobatics/6, Artistry/4, Chemistry/6, Computer Operation/4, Dancing/6, Detect Lies/5, Dodge/6, Driving/6, Electronics/6, Escape/6, Fighting/6, Large Weapon/6, Lockpicking/6, Ranged Weapon/6, Running/6, Singing/6, Survival (Ocean)/6, Swimming/6, Tactics/6, Throwing/6
Corporeal Song(s): Battle/6, Cacophony/6, Calling/4, Charm/5, Darkness/6, Entropy/6, Essence/6, Form/6, Light/6, Lightning/6, Might/6, Nemesis/6, Numinous Corpus (Tentacles)/6, Opening/6, Shadows/6, Shields/6, Steam/2, Storms/6, Thunder/6, Tongues/6
Ethereal Song(s): Battle/6, Cacophony/6, Calling/1, Charm/5, Direction/6, Entropy/3, Essence/6, Form/6, Light/6, Nemesis/6, Opening/6, Shadows/6, Shields/6, Steam/2, Storms/6, Tongues/6
Celestial Song(s): Battle/6, Cacophony/6, Calling/5, Charm/5, Darkness/1, Direction/5, Entropy/3, Essence/6, Form/6, Light/6, Lightning/6, Might/6, Nemesis/6, Shadows/6, Shields/6, Steam/2, Storms/6, Tongues/6
Attunement(s): Malakite of the Wind, Malakite of Lightning, Elohite of the Wind, Kyriotate of the Wind, Mercurian of the Wind, Passage, Vassal of the Wind, Friend of the Unseen, Master of Motion, Songmaster
Oaths: Never suffer an evil to live when it is my choice.
Never surrender in a fight, nor allow myself to be captured by the armies of Lucifer.
Whenever possible, strike first against evil.
Never become complacent to leadership or politics.
The Waters Will Rise!
Special Rite(s): Stand in the eye of a hurricane or center of tornado.
Aid in an uprising against a political power.
Be struck by lightning from a thunderstorm. (+2 points)
Special Attunement(s): Malakite of Storms: Kakkiel, and any Malakim serving him with this Attunement, can not only apply their resonance to an individual, but also a governing party--from parliament, to a president and his cabinet or even a garden club society.
Storm Singer: The Angel of Storms, and any angels under his service who he grants this Attunement to, gains a bonus equal to their Celestial Forces to the following songs: Lightning, Thunder, Storms
Cyclone: Calling upon his previous Ofanite nature, upon spending a point of Essence, Kakkiel may make three times as many movements/attacks for a round of combat.
Kakkiel has seen storms of creation shape the earth and its growth. As one of Oannes's first angels, the Ofanite was there as his older brother, Vephar, and his siblings attempted to storm Heaven. Fighting alongside the Archangel of the Waters, he thundered against The Rebellion. When his Superior slew the traitorous Prince of the Oceans, he cheered and lit up the sky above him. When Belial slew Oannes, he rained tears.

After the death of Oannes, Kakkiel was adrift. He wandered between Heaven and the corporeal realm and served under many Archangels, seeking a new home that seemed to fit. Jean and Janus seemed the most likely candidates, though, like many remaining servitors of the Waters, Gabriel's fiery passion seemed to resonate. In the end, he swore new allegiance to Oannes's oldest friend, Janus. He requested only one thing: to be reformed as a Malakite, striving to strike harder and faster against Heaven's foes. Janus, after a second of careful consideration, granted the change.

Kakkiel distinguished himself in the field, acting as a tempest of change. Despite the pain in his heart from The Rebellion, he knew that fighting against corrupt government was virtuous, and helped humans organize strikes and rebellions against tyrants and corrupt politicians, storming their gates.

In 137 B.C., Kakkiel became the Angel of Storms. The Virtue never requested his Word; it was petitioned for by Janus, who sought to honor both a favored servitor and the "son" of an old, departed friend. Storms are agents of change which strike without mercy, just like Kakkiel.

Over the centuries, Kakkiel has become more and more powerful and some wonder if he'll be elevated to Archangel. He directs legions of angels, not all of them of the Wind, either. He has, in his service, angels of Lightning, the War, and Fire. Some of these angels are also former servitors of the Waters, naturally. While the Virtue can be very different from his creator, many can still feel the typhoon of passion that Oannes also had.

Kakkiel's demeanor is typically focused and electric. He does not suffer foolish questions easily and it's not uncommon for him to snap or thunder his requests. He moves fast and he expects his troops to be swept along with him or tossed out of the way. He's not angry or malicious, he simply retains his former nature of movement, gilding it with the uncompromising integrity only a Malakite has had.

Recently, Kakkiel's taken to smiling somewhat easier and, to the Archangel of Judgement's concern, has roared a fifth oath: The waters will rise!

Credits: Erich Arendall
Songs of Steam from Weblog Licentiae Moticea
Special thanks to "-=|horsefly|=-" on the In Nomine Mailing List for spurring the imagination and reminding us all that The Waters Will Rise!