Demon of Decay (Calabite of Death)

Everything decays. Everything rots and falls apart. This is a fact of life. This is the world.

Corporeal Forces - 5    Strength 11    Agility 9   
Ethereal Forces - 6    Intelligence 12    Precision 12   
Celestial Forces - 5    Will 12    Perception 8   
Word Forces - 18   

    Vessel: Human (short, ugly male)/3 (-2 Charisma)     Body: 88
    Vessel: 1 Ton Mound of Garbage/6    Body: 121
    Skill(s): Detect Lies/2, Dodge/4, Fighting/6, Language (Arabic)/4, Language (Babylonian)/5, Language (English)/4, Language (French)/3, Language (Hebrew)/6, Large Weapon (Sword)/4, Lying/6, Move Silently/3, Running/3, Singing/4, Swimming/2,

    Corporeal Song(s): Affinity/3, Cacaphony/2, Entropy/3, Might/3, Plagues/2,

    Ethereal Song(s): Affinity/3, Cacaphony/3, Might/2,

    Celestial Song(s): Affinity/3, Feedback/3, Might/3,

    Attunement(s): Calabite of Saminga, Balseraph of Saminga, Rotting Curse, Natural Causes, Knight of Dead, Captain of the Infernal Legion, Baron of Undead Kingdom, Duke of Decay, Demon of Decay

    Discord: Aura of Entropy/6

    Special Attunement(s): As the Demon of Decay and the Duke of Decay, Kezef has two special attunements that he may pass on to his servitors.
Compost: Kezef may take a vessel of garbage, which moves at 1/4 the speed a normal vessel moves, however is not as limited in reach (via slimy tendrils), and has profound psychological impact on humans. Shedim who receive this attunement may possess garbage, 10 lbs per Corporeal Force.
Rot: Similar to Rotting Curse, Kezef and any Calabim he grants this attunement to may use their resonance to rot their target rather than destroying it. Wood grows soggy, milk sours, metal corrodes. This power does not work on living beings.

    Special Rite(s): Kezef gains an additional point of Essence if he watches garbage decompose for 6 hours. He may grant this rite to others.

Kezef is an old demon, a mere reliever at the time of the fall, he followed the Morning Star into Hell and became an Imp. He became a Calabite in service to Beelzebub, the first Demon Prince of Corruption.

When Saminga came into power Kezef was sent to assist the new prince's ranks. The Calabite began to associate both Corruption and Death in his mind and worked hard to promote both. When Uriel slew Beelzebub, he began to serve Saminga directly, and reaped the rewards. He grew quickly in rank afterwords, pretending to be a lacky, while quietly waiting his chance to fill his old superior's place.

Eventually he was granted both the Word of Decay and the title Duke of Decay, although the circumstances behind why are still a mystery. Kezef's thirst for power was only growing. Annoyed with princehood being granted to a Shedite named Legion, Kezef head to earth, to gain supporters - and to help squelch the new Prince of Corruption.

Saminga took Kezef's "rebellion" as a personal affront and set out to rip the Demon of Decay apart, Force by Force. However, before Saminga even left Hell, Kezef was trapped by angels of Stone, in a cave - similar to the prison that trapped Magog.

Adventure Seed
Kezef has been working on his prison since he was trapped (located in Cambridge, England). His Word, his resonance, and his attunements have slowly broken his bonds one by one, creating a very large vessel of garbage. Once free, he will want to return to power. While Saminga is unaware of his servitor's impeding freedom, Heaven does know. Angels are encouraged to stop the Demon of Decay. Any demons nearby may help Kezef with the angels or seek favor with Saminga and help the angels destroy the Duke of Decay. Kronos has the idea that Kezef's freedom draws nie and wants Kezef to survive the attack.

Credits: Erich Arendall