Demon of Syrup

Impudite of Gluttony, Knight of Banquets

Corporeal Forces - 5    Strength 11    Agility 9   
Ethereal Forces - 2    Intelligence 3    Precision 5   
Celestial Forces - 4    Will 11    Perception 5   
Word Forces - 6   

Vessel: Human Male/6 (+1 Charisma)     Body: 121
Skill(s): Dodge/4, Driving/3, Fast-Talk/5, Fighting (Brawling)/5, Knowledge (Syrup)/5, Knowledge (Maple Syrup)/6, Language (Anishinaabemowin)/5, Language (French-Canadian)/5, Language (English)/5, Large Weapon/6, Singing/2, Survival (Woods)/3
Corporeal Song(s): Charm/2, Form/3, Tongues/4, Numinous Corpus (Fangs)/4
Ethereal Song(s): Form/2
Celestial Song(s): Charm/3, Form/4
Discord(s): Gluttonous/3
Artifact(s): Weapon Thermos
Attunement(s): Impudite of Gluttony, Consume, Devour, Knight of Banquets
Special Attunement: If a victim of Morrthis has recently ingested syrup, no disturbance to the Symphony will be caused when the Impudite steals his Essence. The victim, however, will still be left with a gnawing hunger, as per the Impudite of Gluttony Attunement. If Morrthis had servitors he could grant this to any of his Takers who also had the Impudite of Gluttony Attunement.
Special Rite(s): Consume a gallon of syrup in an hour.
Convince someone to add syrup to their meal when they wouldn't otherwise.
It all started as a bit of a joke, really. A couple Kobalites convinced a lowly Impudite that he should petition for the Word of Syrup. After all, back in those days, it seemed like every demon of Glutton was petitioning for a food-based word and Lucifer was just doling out Words like candy. (The word Candy was one of the first to go.) The two older demons thought that it was foolish to have a word based on any physical object or substance that could easily fade out of human usage (and, after that, the Symphony). Not only that, but how could any demon as foolish as Morrthis ever further any word they got--especially a word like syrup? So it was, in the late 1600s, that Morrthis successfully petitioned to become the Demon of Syrup.

Then, Morrthis did something that the two trickster demons didn't suspect: while enjoying syrup with Native Americans, he helped introduce it to the colonists. Morrthis may not have been (and still isn't) an intelligent demon, but he was canny enough to introduce the subject of his Word to others--after all, it helped their Essence taste that much sweeter when he partook of it. And that's all he's done pretty much ever since, go from town to town, culture to culture and tell them, "Hey! Syrup!"

In truth, humanity has furthered the growth of the Impudite's Word more than Morrthis himself has, expounding on its definitions, adding new flavors and discovering new uses, but it hasn't stopped the Taker from gaining a distinction. Sure, he might not be on the fast-track to Princedom, but the demon doesn't really care about that, anyway. He just likes syrup.

His dream is to someday have billboards across America with his picture, holding up a nondescript bottle of maple syrup, with the word "SYRUP" emblazoned in letters larger than life. Just to remind everyone what they might be missing.

Morrthis tends to get along fine with most of the angels he may run into in his travels--except Malakim, of course. He's not really a threat to The War or to humankind, as most see it. Their suppositions are mostly true, though careful consideration to human gluttony and its relationship to pancake houses and how much a pancake shop relies on syrup is not often taken when dealing with this friendly Impudite.

And, as far as the Kobalites... well, Morrthis is thankful for their suggestion, even if they tend to grumble "don't mention it" when he sees them.

For the past 60 years Morrthis has gone by the name of Dutch Maury on the corporeal realm. His favored vessel is that of a 6', burly, friendly-looking male in his early 40's, with collar-length black hair and thick beard, usually wearing a plaid shirt, blue jeans and workman boots. With him, he carries a large thermos of hot maple syrup, which he will open in crowded areas--allowing the scent to fill the area and help his Word along.

Credits: Erich Arendall