Habbalite Demon Prince of Beasts

The world is a beast, savage and merciless.

Hashmal was once an Elohite of Animals, preferring to roam the deserts in the vessel of a large kimodo dragon, not concerning himself with the tribes of humans around him. However, as the humans began to expand his objectivity and unconcern warped into disdain. He began to hunt and kill humans who he viewed as interlopers into his realm. His kills, bloody and savage sent spasms of dissonance through him.

When he fell, his disdain of humans grew to hatred; after all, it was their deaths that pushed him from Heaven. For centuries he simply remained on Earth, preying upon the creatures he despised. He realized that humanity was growing too quickly to cull on his own, he needed a pack - allies. He found those allies in Hell and became a servant of Saminga, gaining new powers to send humans to their deaths.

Hashmal spent most of his time on Earth, and watched as a human was whipped forty times, continued watching as a mob taunted a man who was forced to carry his own execution device, and saw this same human had spikes driven through his forearms and feet. All this damage done to a man who the mob had proclaimed a few short days before as being their savior. He then realized that humans could be as much a beast as any other animal.

Hashmal continued serving Saminga, rising in rank, until Lucifer granted him a Princehood in the early 1200's. Saminga threw quite a fit, and in doing so lost a potential ally, for while Hashmal does not care about death, he does love the kill.

The Prince of Beasts is a brash, short-tempered killer who does not accept weakness. He values displays of strength, but also appreciates feats of cunning. When corporeal he appears as a large, ugly man with mangy hair and scars across his face and chest.

Hashmal's Word is not animals, his word is Beasts, a word that encompasses feral cruelty and savage violence - especially towards the weak.


Wild beasts are savage and must be so Hashmal's diabolicals as well. Demons of Beasts can not show mercy, this includes making quick kills to ease pain. Also, a servitors of Hashmal can not use ranged weapons, as those weapons take the bite and beast out of the kill.


Balseraphs (Restrictred)
The Liars who serve Hashmal may use their resonance in combat in 1 round and do not have to avoid taking damage or making a Dodge roll when doing so. However, they suffer dissonance if the target's successful Will roll to resist yields a check digit 5 or 6.

Djinn (Partial)
Djinn working for Hashmal receive a large, predatory animal as vessel (level 2) and do not generate dissonance if they kill the object of their attunement while in the vessel. (Other demons can receive the vessel, but their dissonance conditions apply.)

Calabim (Restrictred)
These demons may channel their resonance through physical strikes when in unarmed combat. The Calabite must make a successful resonance roll before the strike, the check digit of the roll plus the demon's Corporeal Forces, are added to the damage of strike.

Habbalah (Restrictred)
Habbalah who serve Hashmal may add their Ethereal forces to the check digit of their emotion warping resonance roll. Also, those who feel the emotion of Fury will always lash out towards the object of their anger in a physical manner.

Lilim (Restrictred)
Very few Tempters serve the Prince of Beasts, those who do may add their Celestial Forces to any attempt to Geas someone to make a violent action.

Shedim (Restrictred)
A Shedite may use their resonance and inhabit an animal, however the Corrupter must make a kill in animal form - other animals count as kills.

Impudites (Restrictred)
Impudites who serve Hashmal receive no dissonance if they kill a human in a violent and bloody way.


When the servants of Hashmal roar all those who hear it will become fearful of the Hashmalite for a number of rounds equal to the demon's Corporeal Forces. All those who wish to act in a hostile manner towards the demon (or the demon's nearby allies) must make a Will roll, minus the demon's Corporeal Forces.

Dog Whistle
For 2 Essence, the demon may summon a group of local wild animals (this includes tom cats, loose dogs, rats, etc.). The animals will arrive rabid and frothing at the mouth. Roll a number of dice equal to the summoner's Corporeal Forces to determine how many appear - they'll arrive in 2 minutes. The animals will attack anyone in sight except the summoner


Knight of Tooth and Nail
Hashmal's Knights receive a level 3 vessel with a level 2 claws and fangs (see Numinous Corpus - In Nomine, page 82). Also, the Knight's celestial form is granted level 2 claws and fangs.

Captain of Hunters
This distinction grants to a Servitor the ability to unerringly track any being who's blood he has drawn, however great the distance between them. However, he may only track one being at a time.

Baron of the Savage Heart
Demons of this rank have truly shown themselves as vicious, merciless killers. Baron of the Savage Heart double all damage they inflict - this includes damage caused by songs!


Allied: Baal, Beleth, Haagenti, Magog
Associated: Belial, Furfur, Lilith, Rahab, Saminga
Hostile: Asmodeus, Fluerty, Kobal, Kronos, Malphas, Vapula
Enemy: Andrealphus, Mammon, Nybbas, Valefor


  • Rip an animal apart with your bare hands (+1 point for every 3 Forces)
  • Convince someone that brutal violence is the best response
  • Spend an entire night hunting your prey



    +1 A rabid dog or cat, loose on the street
    +2 A place where a argument turned violent in the past day
    +3 At a police scene of a violent incident
    +4 The fresh corpse of an endangered species
    +5 The fresh corpse of a human who was brutally killed
    +6 The fresh corpse of a Soldier of God who was brutally killed

    Credits: Erich Arendall