Malakite Archangel of Friendship

The world is my friend, and the enemies of my friend are my enemy.

The first Angel of Friendship, a servitor of Andrealphus, fell with his superior during the Rebellion. Novalis's servitor, Iadiel, became the second Angel of Friendship, and was slain while both the Host and Horde fought Legion. It came to a shock for Mihir, a Malakite of Creation, when Eli suggested to the Seraphim Council that he become the third to gain a hold of the Word. It was then, in the late 1760's that Mihir became Wordbound.

Scant years before Eli's disappearance, in 1953, Mihir was promoted to Archangel status. This was, again, prompted by the Archangel of Creation. Dominic is now convinced that this is some sort of plan of the Mercurian Archangel's and Mihir was brought in for questioning by the Seraph. To the Archangel of Justice's annoyance, the younger Archangel simply replied, "Look, even if I knew where he went - and I don't - I couldn't tell you. I can't rat on a friend, you know. Especially when they've done nothing wrong." Though Mihir quickly forgave Dominic of his interferring nature, Dominic keeps a wary eye on the Malakite.

Despite his love for angels and mankind alike, Mihir despises most diabolicals. Make no mistake, he is part of the War faction. His angels are allowed to give diabolicals one chance to redeem, but little more is tolerated. Mihir wants the War over, and the quicker the better. He's seen enough friends fall as it is.

Though he takes many forms, Mihir's current favorite is that of a young man in his mid-twenties with curly, golden hair that falls to his shoulders, and a clean-shaven, beaming face with bright blue eyes. He often is found wearing a black leather jacket, white t-shirt, blue jeans and combat boots - and has been known to speak with a slightly Russian accent.


Angels of Mihir earn a note of dissonance for breaking the bond of trust with anyone they consider a friend, or anyone who considers them a friend. If someone who considers the angel a friend feels betrayed the angel gains a note of dissonance, however if the actions are explained and forgiven the note of dissonance disappears. These conditions do not apply when dealing with demons, however; Mihir's angels are not encouraged to offer the hand of friendship to a diabolical.


Seraphim (Restricted)
Seraphim of Friendship know the Truth behind convictions of friends, they can immediately recognize false friends and likely back stabbers.

Cherubim (Restricted)
Faithful companions and friends, Mihir's Cherubim can attune to those who have a shared friendship with the angel at no penalty to their total number of attunements.

Ofanim (Restricted)
At a glance Wheels who serve Friendship know the fastest way to resolve conflict to instill, or re-instill friendship.

Elohim (Restricted)
Objective and self-restrained but never heartless, An Elohite of Friendship can look into a person's eyes and know the emotions that may ruin friendships, they are especially adept at seeing the beginnings of jealousy, envy, and anger.

Malakim (Restricted)
Using a little trick Mihir learned from Yves, Malakim of Friendship also may use the natural choir resonance of a Mercurian. Rather than suffering from the Dissonance condition of a Mercurian, however, they must take the additional oath of "Unless ordered, never administer violence to my brethren or those who are honorable in their own hearts." This oath, of course, does not include diabolicals. (In other words, Malakim of Friendship start with 5 oaths.)
The oath may seem to hinder Malakim from policing their own from falling, however, most are smart enough to know to "get help somewhere" and despite Dominic's attitude towards Mihir often find themselves informing their bretheren who serve Judgement of those who may be endangering themselves.

Kyriotate (Restricted)
Mihir's Dominations retain the knowledge of all the people their host can remember, as well as how their host feels about them and why.

Mercurian (Restricted)
Upon entering a room a Mercurian of Friendship can see the structures and strengths (or lack thereof) of friendships of all those present.


While this power is active the angel may dispell conflict between any two people. Both targets must be within the angel's sight. The target with the higher Will may try to resist.

A Friend In Need
Angels with this attunement can recognize Needs in others, much like Lilim. However, unlike the Tempters, angels with this attunement are encouraged to freely help their target escape the clutches of the Need.

My Friend's Enemies...
While Mihir's angels are encouraged to offer one last chance to those diabolicals they used to know in heaven, if that offer is refused the angel receives a +2 to all skill and song rolls required to return the demon to Hell.


Mihir's Buddies will never have their good natured ribbing taken as an insult. They're the type of angel that can tease all day long and have everyone (including the target) laugh along. Buddies find this extremely useful in resolving tension filled situations.

The angel knows, with a touch, who his target has most recently befriended, and when.

Angels with this rank can know the exact location and state of health (including mental and emotional) of a number of those he considers friends equal to their Ethereal + Corporeal Forces.


Allied: All (Eli, Laurence, Michael and Yves are Allied with Mihir)
Associated: None (David, Gabriel, Janus and Novalis are Associated with Mihir)
Hostile: None (Dominic is Hostile to Mihir)


  • Resolve a conflict between two friends.
  • Introduce two people and insure that they "hit it off".
  • Defeat a diabolical who has refused repentance.


    Mihir tries to be there for his servitors and all other angels. As such he has a habit of rushing over as soon as he hears the call... However, not even archangels can be everywhere at once, and he will become annoyed if called upon too often for minor problems that any angel could've handled.


    +1 A letter between two friend
    +2 A gift from one friend to another
    +3 The blood of a betrayer
    +4 The angel's best friend
    +5 Two humans who have been friends for over 30 years
    +6 A group of friends who have remained friends for over 50 years

    Credits: Erich Arendall