Rahab, Prince of the Seas


Shedite Demon Prince of the Seas

The world is an ocean, drowning in the violent depths of turmoil.

Rahab was once the Archangel of the Primordial Seas, in charge of cultivating the seas and the lands with life. Before the War began he and Eli fostered life from the depths of the seas and began to assist in its evolution. Lucifer, seeing the potential in Rahab, included Rahab in his talks. Rahab, however, was too busy in his vision of evolution to pay attention to the silver-tongued Light-bringer. While the war in Heaven was taking place, Rahab was on Earth, shaping it to his own vision. Rahab was actively involved in the evolution of dinosaurs, gleefully reveling in their violent natures.

In fact, Rahab was so involved in his own plans, that when he did not notice his Fall until he attempted another change in evolution. His power over the primordial seas had been ripped from him. He sunk into the depths of the ocean despairing his fate.

When Lucifer approached Rahab again, Rahab was more than willing to listen. Vespar, Prince of the Seas had been vanquished; Lucifer knew Rahab was more than capable of holding the title. Since then, Rahab has focused his power on destroying God's creatures. Before Uriel's purification crusade, Rahab utilized great sea creatures to sink ships. When the creatures were no more, he used the seas themselves, it is rumored that it was Rahab's influence which sank Titanic. With modern day advances, Rahab has seen ways to allow his love of destruction to have mankind poison themselves. He promoted a lowly Shedim servitor of his to Baron for the spilling of the Exxon Valdez He especially loves sinking oil tankers and poking holes in nuclear waste containers at the bottom of the ocean.

Rahab spends most of his time within the seas themselves. He often will come to his minions as a giant sea serpent. Those few times when he does show up as a human, Rahab presents himself as a lean, young man with a crocodile smile. He could easily be mistaken for a loan shark.


It is dissonant for servitors of Rahab to spend more than one day out of sight of a natural body of water. Rahab's servitors gain a point of Dissonance for every additional day they are not in sight of a natural body of water.


Balseraphs (Restricted)
Balseraphs of the Sea add the number of their Ethereal Forces to the check digit of their resonance rolls.

Djinn (Restricted)
While in any natural form of water (rain, puddles, lakes, oceans) Rahab's Djinn servitors receive a bonus on their Will equal to their Celestial Forces.

Calabim (Restricted)
Calabim are very aware that living beings are made up of water, any animated or living being can not resist the entropic resonance of a Calabite of the Seas and the Calabite's Celestial Forces are added to the check digit of his powerful resonance. However, the disturbance to the Symphony is doubled!

Habbalah (Restricted)
Like influencing the tides of one's mind, these Habbalah can make a person take a completely wishy-washy stand on any of his opinions for a number of minutes equal to the demon's Ethereal Forces. Anyone who attempts to convince the person to make a decision must make a will roll to resist being pulled into the indecision.

Lilim (Restricted)
Lilim receive a vessel (level 2, charisma +2) from Rahab himself. Rahab especially enjoys giving Lilim fanciful sea creatures like mermaids, siren, or magic carp.

Shedim (Restricted)
Shedim may possess water - ten gallons of water for each Force they possess. They control the form of their liquid, and may go against any tides. The water may also move onto land at one-fourth their normal speed. Shedim never have a problem missing the ferry!

Impudites (Restricted)
Rahab's Impudites are normally life-guards or live in rainy climates, as they need only make physical contact while in water to steal Essence - they need not charm the victim.


The demon may stir the forces of any natural body of water and cause a tidal wave up to (6+Essence spent) feet high. This causes a disturbance in the Symphony equal to the amount of Essence spent.

Turmoil of the Seas
This attunement allows Rahab's servitors to enrage and direct a number of water creatures, equal to the Demon's Ethereal Forces, with a successful Will roll.

The celestial with this attunement can now not only breathe underwater, but can also survive the pressures of any depth of water. Note that this attunement works while submersed in water only and will not allow the celestial to breathe in any other special atmospheric conditions.


Knight of Floods
The demon can tell, at a glance how much turmoil a person has boiling in him, and knows just what to say or do to push the person over the edge (which usually leads to violence or despair).

Demons with this distinction receive a vessel of the namesake creature (Giant Sea Serpent, Level 7), often used in stopping Angels or ships carrying divine artifacts.

Baron of Behemoths
This distinction removes the need to stay near a natural body of water. Only the Band's Dissonance mechanics apply.


Allied: Baal, Beleth, Haagenti, Malphas, Saminga
Associated: Andrealphus, Asmodeus, Lilith, Nybbas, Valefor
Hostile: Belial, Kobal, Kronos, Vapula


  • Sink a ship with humans on board (1 pt Essence for every 10 humans)
  • Spend 6 hours on or in the ocean



    +1 At a dangerous sea creature exhibit
    +2 In the rain
    +3 Twenty gallons of water
    +4 In the middle of the ocean
    +5 In a hurricane
    +6 At a sunken ship

    Credits: Erich Arendall & Keith Evans
    Artwork By: Natasha Epperson.com