Seraph Archangel of the Deep

The world is a sea, calm and peaceful, rousing only when disturbed.

Tamiel was a servitor of Jordi, in service to Oannes, until the Archangel of the Waters was vanquished by Belial. She then began to take over many of Oannes duties, organizing Oannes remaining servitors. The Seraphim council convened and gave Tamiel the title of Archangel of the Deep, a promotion that she still feels undeserving of.

Unlike Jordi, Tamiel likes humans and is excited about the technology that man creates. She sees each development towards environmental protection as a step towards further enlightenment. Her only despair are the pollutants used in technology, and the careless way each failed experiment is disposed of. However, she enjoys guiding and protecting ships along their voyages. She has also closely watched the expansion of mankind outside the stratosphere, perceiving the oceans of space as part of her domain. Often she is seen conversing with Jean, anxiously awaiting the next development of man, excitedly watching them grow.

Tamiel often appears as an old matron, with bright, inquisitive eyes. In the presence of the faithful her appearance is welcoming. When angry with her servitors, she chides them but often provides them with encouragement to try again, or suggestions on how to make things right. She is slow to anger, but when brought to a boil, she is like a storm that can not be stopped. She is not above violence when dealing with those who dwell in darkness. However, like a storm, her temper often strikes those on the sidelines of her target. For that reason, she is under continual watch by Dominic.


Angels of Tamiel earn a note of dissonance each day they are not in sight of a natural body of water.


Seraphim (Restricted)
Water ties all lands together, and a Seraph of Tamiel can utilize that. Seraphim of Tamiel in or over a natural body of water can understand and speak any spoken language.

Cherubim (Restricted)
Cherubim working for Tamiel may utilize their natural resonance of attunement not with a touch, but upon anything sharing a body of water with them, wether they can see it or not - they must only know that it is in the same body of water (or on a boat in water).

Ofanim (Restricted)
Masters of speed, Ofanim of the Deep may travel a number of miles equal to the check digit of their resonance roll in a single minute in Corporeal Form while in or on a natural body of water.

Elohim (Restricted)
Elohim of Tamiel are charged with calming the violent seas of emotion within people, to take an un-rational action in the vicinity of such an Elohim anyone must make a Will roll minus the angel's total Forces, +1 for every yard apart they are.

Malakim( Restricted)
Malakim receive the strength of the tide. In a hand-to-hand attack they may use their fists with a Power equal to the angel's Ethereal Forces and Accuracy of -1.

Kyriotate (Restricted)
Tamiel's preferred messengers, Kyriotates of the Deep receive a water creature (usually a shark, whale, or dolphin) as a servant, which they may inhabit without the use of a roll.

Mercurian (Restricted)
To assist with human progress and affairs, Tamiel's Mercurians receive a vessel, often human (level 2, charisma + 2), at no cost.


Security of the Deep
Angels with this attunement can hide within the depths of the ocean, while hidden in any body of water their opponent receives a minus to their perception roll equal to the Angel's Celestial Forces. An additional -1 is incurred every 30 foot depth. Angels with this attunement are the ultimate Marco Polo players!

Talk to the Fish
The angel becomes able to communicate with any water creature, while the creature will not obey any commands (unless they want to or are convinced), they will answer any questions they can.

The celestial with this attunement can now not only breathe underwater, but can also survive the pressures of any depth of water. Note that this attunement works while submersed in water only and will not allow the celestial to breathe in any other special atmospheric conditions.


Friend of the Sailors
Friends can create a boat (rowboat or sailboat, no engine), 10 square feet per Essence spent. Any length of time may be spent on building the boat, so very large ships are possible.

Angels with this distinction receive a vessel of the namesake creature (Giant Squid, Level 7), often used in stopping diabolicals or ships carrying infernal artifacts.

Master of Tides
This distinction removes the need to stay near a natural body of water. Only the Choir's Dissonance mechanics apply.


Allied: Blandine, Eli, Jean
Associated: David, Janus, Jordi, Novalis
Hostile: Dominic, Laurence, Michael


  • Spend 6 hours in or on the ocean
  • Spend 3 hours imparting knowledge of the sea or sailing
  • Swim with a school of fish or dolphin



    +1 At an aquarium or sea creature exhibit
    +2 In the rain
    +3 Twenty gallons of water
    +4 In the middle of the ocean
    +5 Save a beached whale
    +6 Cleaning pollutants from the bottom of the sea

    Credits: Erich Arendall & Keith Evans