Attercap.Net Blog: Gaming Ambience: Steampunk & Noir

Thursday, 05-Oct-2017 11:12 AM
Gaming Ambience: Steampunk & Noir

A special, non-Monday article, with two more ambient/background music playlists. Today's offerings include a Noir / Mystery background playlist and an ambient Steampunk playlist.

I prefer a playlist to be at least as long as a game (around 4-5 hours). I also try to make sure there are no understandable vocals or recognizable songs/themes; as many of my players are musically inclined and have a tendency to be distracted by song. For yourr listening pleasure and possible use, two ambient soundtracks. As always with a Spotify playlist, the tracks will grow and evolve as I find additional relevant music to add.

Noir / Mystery Ambience

This originally started out as a "music to enjoy while drinking whisky on a rainy night" playlist, but as I worked on it, realized it also could be utilized in a darker, mystery style or detective game.

Steampunk Ambience

It was surprisingly difficult to find music of a steampunk theme that didn't include vocals. Due to the overall nature of of the theme, tracks here waver between the odd, the dark, and the somewhat silly, but I did my best to ensure that even the shifts in tone shouldn't be distracting.

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